Big Red Barn Burner
BBQ Competition
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1st Annual Big Red Barn Burner
BBQ Competition
Presented by Well Seasoned

Teams from BC, Alberta and Washington state will compete for the champion title! Check back soon for more details on this exciting event ...
**Complete List of Teams!**

Welcome team #18 from Bellingham, Washington!

Team List
1. Rub My Butt
2. Barking Boy's
3. Helluva Q
4. Rusty's BBQ
5. Porkaholics
6. Lakehouse BBQ
7. House of Q
8. Prairie Smoke & Spice
9. Wine Country Q
11. Smoke & Bones BBQ
12. Landshark BBQ
13. Smokey's
14. The Rib Mafia
15. Smokin' Babes
16. The BBQ
17. BBQ Bob & the Eh! Team
18. Jeckyl & Hyde BBQ
19. Big Ass BBQ
20. Sasquatch Competition BBQ

10th Annual FV Yard, Garden and Renovation Show (new this year the Big Red Barn Burner BBQ Competition)
1st Annual FV Retirement Planning and Healthy Living show. (Featuring DR. Art Hister from Global BC)

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Chilliwack Heritage Park
44140 Luckakuck Way, Chilliwack, BC V2R 4A7
(604) 824-9927 ‎
(604) 824-9927 ‎

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